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We focus on helping customers make informed and educated decisions for the benefit of their home or business.


Covid-19 Read our guidelines and learn how we are working to help keep you safe, prevent the spread and flatten the curve.


About Us

Sir’s Plumbing and Heating was built from our core beliefs as a business. We ensure to implicate affordability, honesty, transparency and quality into all of our projects, ensuring to meet your satisfaction. Offering top grade plumbing, heating and renovations services at affordable prices was structured from our company values so you can trust your home is secure through Calgary’s worst conditions.

Why choose Sir's

At Sir's Plumbing and Heating, we are ready to provide the expertise you expect and need for your home. Depending on the fix you require, we offer a large array of plumbing and heating repair/installment services, guaranteeing a secure high quality result. 

Supposing that you are looking at a renovation anywhere in your home, Sir's Plumbing and Heating experts will work with you to accomplish your desired home improvement.

What makes us better then the opposing competitors is our personalized services, so that you're comfortable with our workers and end product.


        Covid-19 hygiene practices and guidelines for customers and workers:

  • Always keep a social distance of 6-feet. Workers may have to break this rule to perform different tasks, but care must be taken while doing so.

  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose and mouth) to prevent potential spread. If you do find yourself touching your face, eating or going to the washroom, follow up by washing and sanitizing your hands.

  • If there is the need to cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow.

  • If possible, our workers will open a window to increase air flow so there is constant ventilation.

  • For the protection of the customers, workers will wear face masks to contain any potential spread.

  • If you show consistent symptoms, such as coughing/sneezing and fever, or have been in contact with an infected person, please inform company supervisors prior to their arrival so that a decision regarding your project can be discussed with safety in mind for everyone. Avoid physical contact with one another and consider self isolation for two weeks as per Alberta Health Care guidelines.


Our Services

When you’re experiencing trouble with any plumbing necessities we can diagnose, install and repair the new or old fixture to its proper function.

  • Boiler Installation and Repair

  • Shower Installation and Repair

  • Tap and Faucet Installation and Repair

  • Toilet Installation and Repair

  • Hot Water Tank Installation and Repair

  • Leak Investigation and Repair

Whether you’re considering a custom renovation in your house or maybe an income suite in the basement, we can apply for building permits, development permits, as well as design your site to make your vision a reality.

If your furnace is nearing the end of its life, we can replace it with a new high efficient one. Our specialized inspection services make sure your furnace maintains the quality heating you'd expect in cold winter temperatures.  


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