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Sir's Plumbing & Heating

About Us

Who we are

Sir’s Plumbing and Heating was built from our core beliefs as a business. We ensure to implicate affordability, honesty, transparency, and quality into all of our projects, ensuring to meet your satisfaction. Offering top-grade plumbing, heating, and renovation services at affordable prices, was structured from our company values. The next time you need a plumbing, heating, or renovation service, you can trust us to ensure your home or business is secure during Calgary’s worst conditions.

Our Story

Starting in 2019, Sir's Plumbing and Heating was a one-man show. The company owner, John Anderson, set out on a mission to start his own plumbing business and take on any challenge that would get in his way. There were countless months filled with 14-16 hour workdays, all dedicated to achieving what seemed to be impossible at the time. But in this industry, we look out for one another.


After spending 2 years building relationships and making partners, helping hands came from all over the city. Progress was being made and the journey that John started was finally starting to come together. Calgary had Sir's Plumbing and Heating on the map, and we were not quiet about it. Customers love the work we do and that is something that will not go unnoticed. Now, our vision is to create a better and more sustainable quality of life for our customers. When we work for you, we aren't satisfied until you are. 

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