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Sir's Plumbing & Heating

Why choose us

Residential: Whether you’re considering a custom renovation in your house or maybe an income suite in the basement, we can apply for building and development permits. This will be done while assisting you to design the site, turning your vision into a reality. If you are looking for a barrier-free renovation, contact us to discuss customizable options needed in your home.


Commercial: Sir's Plumbing and Heating are ready for contract work, looking to tackle large and small-scale private, Municipal, Provincial and Federal projects.

The process

  1. Contact us with a call, quote, or email regarding your desired renovation style. 

  2. Sirs will follow up by working with you to understand the vision of your desired renovation and will explain the project details that will be needed for completion.

  3. Sir's will recommend a specialized renovation contractor and subcontractors to direct and organize the required trades that will take on the project at hand.

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Animated Renovation Blueprints
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